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Creating YOUR QR Mobile Website

In 3 easy steps, your QR mobile site can be up and running.  It will work well and look great and have precisely what you want featured in its content.  Our easy and rapid mobile process requires only 5 minutes to get your QR mobile site up and ready for client use.

1) Create an Account  and buy a License
You determine the duration for which you want the mobile site up! There is no contract.

2) Add Content!
Easy as filling out a form.  Select your style, edit your message, event dates, contact info., - upload pictures and a logo and you are ready to go! Best of all, your site is always live, even while you’re building it, see your changes as you make them!

3) Download Your QR Code
Your site comes with a custom QR code, downloadable in PNG format to be used for any size print use.




Get Your QR mobile site NOW EASY • QUICK • EFFICIENT