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QR4biz Mobile Websites
How long does it take to get the site online?

The site will exist online as soon as you create an account. From there, your mobile site will change simultaneously as you make changes on the site’s profile. This can be seen by the display on the right side of the page while you edit your site’s information, photos, and other content. You can even instantly see the changes on your mobile device when you scan the code on the computer screen.

How do I know people are visiting my mobile site?

On your QR mobile site’s profile you can see the usage of your site. Each visitor is recorded, along with the average monthly traffic. In addition, we provide a code for Google analytics to monitor your mobile site.

When will the QR website expire?

The site will expire at the end of the predetermined period of time you have paid for up front.  For example, if you purchase a license for your site for six months, your site will be online and capable of being edited for exactly six months after purchase. A site purchased on January 1st for six months will be up and running until July 1st. We will notify you via email prior to your site expiring.

If the site is expired, can I still use it?

Within a year of your site expiring, you can reactivate your site by purchasing a license starting with the expiration date of your site.

What if I decide I want to extend my license?

Extending your license is as easy as buying your first. You can extend your license at any time - much like how you bought your first.  If your site has expired and you wish to reactivate your license, you will have to purchase a license starting with the expiration date of your site. Of course, the more sites you have, and the longer the license(s) you buy, the less expensive your total will be.

Is access to mobile websites limited to certain smartphones?

As long as a phone has a web browser, it can access your - or any other - mobile website.

How can I connect my QR mobile Website to my regular Website?

It’s as simple as inserting the provided code into the homepage of your regular website. And if your client types your URL into a mobile device, they will automatically be redirected to your QR mobile site.

Why a mobile Website?

Your client wants to have information right when they’re interested in it. People are busy; they forget things that aren’t of immediate importance unless the circumstances are convenient. When are people the busiest and the most distracted? It’s often when they are out of the office or not at home.

With the use of a smartphone, and let’s face it, they’re always on hand when people are out and about, clients and potential customers can use your QR code to access QR mobile websites that can deliver tailored information quickly and easily. And through the use of most smartphone applications with a scanner for QR codes, people can even reopen the sites later on. They can make a purchase they couldn’t make when they scanned the code originally or find a phone number to make a call when it’s more convenient.

How many QR mobile sites can I have?

You can have as many mobile sites as you like, but each of them is going to have a unique QR code specific to that site and is going to require you to purchase a license separate from any other site. Each license allows you to create one mobile site, with one QR code. There is a volume discount when you purchase multiple sites.

Do the QR mobile sites work on an iPad?

Like on an iPhone, the iPad also has the capability to access a mobile site. iPad2+ and iPad mini users can download an application capable of scanning QR codes beforehand, just like on the iPhone.

Do the QR mobile websites show up on a laptop or PC?

Absolutely.  In fact, your site will show up on a laptop as it does on your phone.  It is special formatted when you pull the site up on a laptop or PC.

Where does one get a QR code scanner?

A QR code scanner can be downloaded as an application on a smartphone with speed and ease. There are several applications available that all provide similar services, but some are quicker than others. We suggest either the ScanLife or AT&TScanner apps which can be downloaded from your app store.  Fortunately, many apps of this nature are free.

Can my client access the site without a QR code scanner?

Technically yes; clients can type in the URL on a mobile device. But obviously this does not give them the convenience a QR code has when used with a mobile device.

Do I purchase QR codes?

No. Essentially you’re purchasing the license and its own mobile site. The QR code is free.  Each site has a randomly generated QR code that is uniquely created for your site. The code cannot be customized or changed, and it is exclusively connected to your site.

Can I have several QR codes with my site?

No you cannot, but it’s not necessary to have more than one code for your site. That’s not only ineffectual, but potentially confusing for your clients.

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